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El Royale Casino Underage Gaming Policy

At El Royale Casino, we hold a steadfast commitment to providing a secure and enjoyable gaming environment for all our users. Central to this commitment is the implementation of a comprehensive Underage Gaming Policy. This policy serves as a protective framework to prevent and restrict individuals below the legal age from accessing our gaming platform and engaging in any form of gambling activities.

Definition and Legal Compliance

  • Age Restrictions

Upholding stringent age restrictions to define the minimum age for users to participate in gambling activities on El Royale Casino.

  • Adherence to Laws

Ensuring strict compliance with international and local laws that dictate the legal age for engaging in gambling activities.

Age Verification Process

  • During Account Registration

Detailing the meticulous age verification process integrated during the account registration phase to confirm the eligibility of users.

  • Documentation Requirements

Outlining the specific documentation required for age verification and presenting the acceptable forms of identification.

Preventive Measures

  • Account Controls

Implementing robust account controls and restrictions to prevent underage users from accessing certain features or games.

  • Parental Controls

Encouraging the use of parental control software and tools to further restrict underage access and enhance parental oversight.

Educational Initiatives

  • Information on Responsible Gaming

Providing comprehensive information on responsible gaming practices to educate users and parents about the risks associated with underage gambling.

  • Warning Signs

Highlighting potential warning signs of problematic gambling behavior and emphasizing the importance of early intervention.

Reporting Underage Users

  • User Reporting Mechanism

Establishing a user reporting mechanism for individuals to promptly report any suspicion of underage users on the platform.

  • Anonymity and Protection

Ensuring user anonymity and protection for those reporting underage gaming concerns, fostering a secure reporting environment.

Consequences for Underage Gaming

  • Account Suspension

Outlining the immediate consequences, including account suspension, for users found to be underage.

  • Legal Consequences

Addressing the potential legal consequences for individuals attempting or engaging in underage gaming, underlining the severity of such actions.

Staff Training and Awareness

  • Training Programs

Implementing ongoing training programs for staff to recognize and address underage gaming concerns effectively.

  • Reporting Procedures

Establishing clear reporting procedures for staff to escalate and handle suspected cases of underage gaming with efficiency.

Responsible Advertising

  • Age-Restricted Advertising

Ensuring that all advertising and promotional materials strictly adhere to age restrictions and responsible gaming principles.

  • Marketing Content

Vigilantly reviewing and monitoring marketing content to avoid any appeal to underage audiences and maintain ethical marketing practices.

Collaboration with Authorities

  • Reporting to Regulatory Authorities

Collaborating seamlessly with regulatory authorities by promptly reporting any cases of underage gaming for swift and decisive action.

  • Legal Compliance

Adhering rigorously to legal obligations and cooperating fully with authorities in investigations related to underage gaming, showcasing our commitment to integrity.

Continuous Review and Improvement

  • Policy Review

Committing to regular reviews and updates of the Underage Gaming Policy to reflect evolving best practices, technological advances, and regulatory changes.

  • Technological Advances

Leveraging cutting-edge technological advances to enhance age verification processes and strengthen preventive measures against underage gaming.

Support for Problem Gamblers

  • Self-Exclusion Options

Providing self-exclusion options for users who recognize or suspect problematic gambling behavior within themselves.

  • Referral to Support Organizations

Actively referring users to reputable support organizations for professional assistance with problematic gambling behaviors.


El Royale Casino stands as a beacon of responsible gaming, and our Underage Gaming Policy is a pivotal component of this commitment. We tirelessly strive to protect underage individuals from the potential risks associated with gambling, all while providing a secure, transparent, and entertaining platform for our eligible users. If you have any questions, concerns, or seek further clarification regarding our Underage Gaming Policy, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support team. Thank you for choosing El Royale Casino, where responsible gaming is not just a commitment but a way of life!