Some influences in country music

  • Both white gospel and southern. Has been a major influence on country music, from its beginnings to the present day. Religious and Christian nuances and religious themes are unchanged.
    This musical style has Louisiana origins. Cajun music combines upbeat dance songs with a waltz and a distinctive accordion. If we analyze country music well, we will see many musical patterns of Cajun music.
  • Steel guitar, from Hawaiian music. Hawaiian music has already influenced American music since the late nineteenth century. Its rhythmic rhythms and note lengthening, and later the development of the “pedaled steel electric guitar”, as the name suggests, with pedals.
  • La mexican guitar. It is very easy to see the influence of Mexican guitar music on country music.
  • La Central European music. Due to emigration from Central Europe,
  • The Swiss, Germans, Austrians, Czechs and others have significantly influenced country music.
  • Western swing. This musical style originated in the 1920s and flourished in Europe and the United States after World War II. It mainly consists of an eclectic mix of country, cowboy western, polka, folk, New Orleans Dixieland jazz, reg and blues mixed with jazz swing.

La adding a new style of boogie”Guided artists such as Moon Mullican, one of the leading figures of the western singer, to pioneer a new style to be called rockabilly. We still see the influence of these sounds on some current artists such as Asleep At The Wheel, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and many more.



Traditional country music was originally played with stringed instruments such as the guitar, banjo, violin single (violin) and double bass. As we have seen, the accordion (a French influence on Cajun music) and the harmonica were also frequently used. Mostly modern suburban electronic instruments are used, for example, electric guitar, electric bass, keyboards, dobro or steel guitar.
The 60s and the Nashville Sound

In the 1960s, country music developed into an industry centered in Nashville, Tennessee that brought in millions of dollars. With production from some directors such as Chet Atkins, Owen Bradley and later Billy Sherrill, the so-called Nashville Sound brought the country closer to a more diverse audience.

The most important artists at this point were Ernest Tubb, Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves and later Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn and Charlie Rich.

Country music options

The main variations of this country music style would be American music, bluegrass, alternative country, country, chicken coop and rock, cowboy, cowboy punk and hillbilly.

Some modern country music titles

Dixie Chicks

In the early 2000s, country music was dominated by this trio of Liberal Girls who stripped in magazines and sang for peace. It is said to be the girl group that has sold the most records.

Taylor Swift

Although his music has been filled with country nuances, lately his albums are closer to the stage.