American jazz and its rhythm

Anyone who does not understand the musical note will not find the difference in American music. To imagine what is at stake, you can use your legs to beat off two blows, and with your hands to make three claps. For experienced musicians, this is no problem, but for an African it is the easiest task. African music is presented in the form of a game where cross rhythms are used. In ancient times, New Orleans musicians introduced an innovation in their music, and they became a four-beat metric base.

It consists in the fact that two beats per measure were replaced by four, and at the same time the performance became at a fast pace. But this method was not complete. Then there was the alternation of double beats with quarter tones, where the beats of pairs of eighths were used. This scheme was invented by New Orleans performers using percussion instruments. The use of drums became obsolete, as they prevented the devices from recording music. So the New Orleans musicians took turns playing and making different sounds. A striking feature of jazz was the replaying of the drum tone from one to another.

White musicians in jazz rhythm

For white musicians, it took a bit of learning to get the music to sound right. The white-skinned child sought to understand where the swing came from, which was published by jazzmen from New Orleans. Many have spent years learning how to swing. By the end of the 20s, white-skinned musicians still managed to master the skills in jazz music. The emergence of jazz was from the constituent elements, and this was facilitated by the past and present centuries.

It has undergone an evolutionary process that has included many well-known performers, including Armstrong. With the help of the introduction of all the constituent parts, an unusual and new perfection in art was obtained. Jazz consists of a rhythm that is given to a person to feel the metrical displacement. In European music, it is impossible to hear the ground beat.

But exceptions can be found, but basically this type of sound is not included in the composition of the melody. With no preparation, you can get the rhythm by tapping your foot, as well as singing a song. If you try hard, this type of skill is within the power of everyone. African music shocked everyone with its unusual sound and melody. Its sound is pleasant and interesting. There is no such music anywhere, when you hear it for the first time, you can fall in love with it.